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Product Styles

Product Styles

"Title" is used in WMS Configurator and other GIS clients, while "Name" is used as a value of the style parameter ("STYLES" for WMS and "STYLE" for WMTS and WCS) in URL.

Title Name Description Legend
RGB RGB RGB visualization  
RGB advanced RGB_ADVANCED Customizable RGB curves  
Grayscale GRAYSCALE Grayscale visualization  
Grayscale advanced GRAYSCALE_ADVANCED Customizable grayscale curve  
Blue/Red BLUE_RED Rainbow, from blue to red, through green and yellow
Green/White Linear GREEN_WHITE Green to white linear scale
Red Temperature RED_TEMPERATURE Red to white linear scale, representing the black-body color depending on the temperature
Color map COLOR_MAP Mapping of the input value into discrete colors
Reflectance REFLECTANCE Original reflectance in the range [0, 1]  
Sentinel DN SENSOR Sentinel L1C-like digital numbers in the range [0, 10000.0]  
Landsat DN SENSOR Landsat digital numbers in the range [0, 10000.0]  
Index INDEX Direct index value  

The following two styles are used exclusively for the custom script product:

Title Name Description Legend
Visualized VIZ Output components normalized for visualization  
Raw RAW Unprocessed raw values in output image