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Mosaic Generator


EO Mosaic Generator

It was never easier to download Sentinel images.

The Mosaic Generator provides easy way to download Sentinel-2 products, which you can import into your favorite GIS tool for offline use. You simply define your area of interest, configure the visualization parameters that are used to display Sentinel-2 data and download the data in GeoTiff format.

Check the showcase video on how to export Sentinel-2 data from the Mosaic generator.

We have gathered feedback from many existing users and added new features to make it even more useful.

Follow 5 simple steps and get Sentinel-2 images

  1. Easy configuration

    You simply choose an instance, previously created in WMS Configurator, and access your layer settings, which can be used to generate mosaics.

  2. Define layers, styles, visualisation parameters and raw reflectance data

    Choose among the layers, styles (including visualised, reflectance or original Sentinel data), and several visualisation parameters for displaying Sentinel-2 data. Some styles provide also fine-tune rendering option parameters such as brightness (offset), contrast (gain) and luminance (gamma).

  3. Mosaicking priority, atmospheric correction and other useful features

    Define the mosaicking priority to sort different tiles, coordinate reference system, image format, image resolution, cloud correction, atmospheric correction, and more.

  4. Set the time range and define the area of interest

    Choose fixed (absolute), or relative (current) time range, and define the area of interest by drawing a rectangle or a polygon (data will be clipped to selected area), or simply import GML or KML file.

  5. Generate the images

    To generate the final image, select one or more layers.

Contact us for accessing the tool or check our WMS/WCS services, so that you can access the global Sentinel-2 data without downloading anything.

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