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EO Browser being presented at ESA’s Summer Teacher Workshop

EO Browser was introduced to 50 European teachers at ESA’s Summer Teacher Workshop last month.

We are happy to see the use of EO Browser for educational purposes. During the 4 days' Workshop the primary and secondary school teachers were testing the capabilities of this free satellite imagery visualisation tool. The most appreciated features found during the Workshop were a possibility to choose any combination of bands, comparing the images or different products and option to download the images in GeoTiff.

Choose any combination of bands (Blue Lagoon Drive, Miami, Florida, Sentinel-2 L1C, acquired with EO Browser on June 25, 2017)

The workshop provided teachers with tools and practical ideas on how to run their classroom lessons using space as an inspiring context. The activities were proposed along three different space themes: Rockets and Launchers, Earth Observation and Space Exploration.

 Teachers were really engaged with the EO Browser and found it clear and easy for them to understand its main features and possibilities.

Here you can find more details about July’s Workshop. If you are a teacher and interested to participate at the workshops next year, follow the news in the ESA’s Teacher’s Corner for the upcoming calls.

We took our lesson from this event as well - understanding the value of such free tools for general audience, we are working to make all of its features available for free for anyone.

Compare the images or different products in EO Browser.