Application Programming Interface (API) is an intermediary that allows applications to access the features or data of another application or system. Our API allows users to programmatically process satellite data and integrate it into their own applications. You can choose between an OGC (Open Geospatial Consortium) API that allows you to integrate satellite data into your desktop or online applications using the standard WMS, WCS, WMTS and WFS services, or a more powerful Sentinel Hub RESTful API. Watch the OGC webinar and the Process API webinar to get started.

For requesting large areas or longer time periods of data, we've developed a Batch Processing API, and for searching and viewing geospatial information of data, we provide a Catalog API. If you're interested in calculating statistical information from satellite imagery, use our Statistical API. You can use all the data collections already integrated in Sentinel Hub, bring in your own data, or even integrate commercial data of your choice. Learn more in our webinars on Statistical API, Bring Your Own Data and Commercial Data in Sentinel Hub.

New and in beta: the Batch Statistical API and the Asynchronous Process API, which acts as an intermediate tool between the Process API and the Batch Processing API.


Sentinel Hub gets satellite data seamlessly and effortlessly in your favorite GIS application and supports powerful WMS features.

Process API

A RESTful API interface, that provides access to raw satellite data, rendered images, statistical analysis and much more.

Batch Processing API

Use batch processing API to request large areas or longer time periods of satellite data.

Catalog API

Search and view geospatial information about different Sentinel Hub data collections.

Bring Your Own Data

Bring any raster data of your own and use it in Sentinel Hub.

Third Party Data Import

Purchase and order commercial data and import it into Sentinel Hub.

Statistical API

Calculate statistics for a satellite image without downloading it. Calculate histograms, percentile calculations, and more.

Batch Statistical API
In beta

Calculate statistics for multiple polygons at once and/or for longer aggregations.

Asynchronous Process API
In beta

Process more data with a single request.