Preview modes

Preview modes make it possible to receive data from across all zoom levels. Sentinel Hub is optimised for full resolution data access as this is what most users need. There are, however, some cases when lower resolution previews of the data make sense as well. This is done by adding the URL parameter PREVIEW. Optional, default="0". Supported values:



Only high resolution data from Sentinel-2 is used. This corresponds to real world distances up to 200m/pixel. This is the default.


Allows zooming further out, up to a point. Up to 200m/pixel it displays the same data as PREVIEW=0. In addition to this it uses lower resolution data for real world distances up to 1500m/pixel.

With resolutions between 200m/pixel and 1500m/pixel cloud filtering is no longer applied.


Allows any zoom level but is limited to a maximum of one month of data when most zoomed out. Up to 1500m/pixel it displays the same data as PREVIEW=1. With resolutions lower than 1500m/pixel (more zoomed out) it limits the data to one month prior to the "TO" date.

        <p>With resolutions less than 200m/pixel (more zoomed out) cloud filtering is no longer applied.</p>