WCS Request

The Sentinel Hub WCS (Web Coverage Service) service conforms to the WCS standard. Provides access to the same bands product and additional informational layers as the WMS service except only one layer can be specified at once, even when only raw Sentinel-2 bands are used. In addition to raster products, the WCS service can also return the vector features of the Sentinel-2 tiles' metadata. As with the WMS service, WCS is also only available via a user-preconfigured custom server instance URL.

The base URL for the WCS service:{INSTANCE_ID}

The service supports the same output formats as the WMS request (with addition of vector output formats, when "TILE" is selected as the COVERAGE) and supports the standard WCS requests: GetCoverage, DescribeCoverage and GetCapabilities. It supports WCS versions 1.0.0, 1.1.0, 1.1.1 and 1.1.2.

WCS URL Parameters

Standard common WCS URL parameters (parameter names are case insensitive):

WCS parameterinfo


Required, must be "WCS".


WCS version standard. Optional, default: "1.1.2". Supported values: "1.0.0", "1.1.0", "1.1.1" and "1.1.2".


What is requested, valid values: GetCoverage, DescribeCoverage or GetCapabilities. Required.


(when REQUEST = GetMap or GetFeatureInfo) The time or time range for which to return the results, in ISO8601 format (year-month-dateThours:minutes:seconds, for example: 2016-01-01T10:05:23Z). When a single time is specified the service will return data until the specified time. If a time range is specified the result is based on all scenes between the specified dates conforming to the cloud coverage criteria and stacked based on priority setting - e.g. most recent on top. The time range is written as two time values separated by a slash. Optional, default: none (the last valid image is returned). Examples: "TIME=2016-01-01T10:05:23Z", "TIME=2016-01-01/2016-02-01".

In addition to the standard WFS request parameters the WFS service also supports many custom URL parameters. See Custom service URL parameters for details.

Standard GetCoverage request URL parameters:

WCS parameterinfo


The preconfigured (in the instance) layer for which to generate the output image, or "TILE" to return the vector format features.


The returned image format. Optional, default: "image/png". Detailed information about supported values.

Standard DescribeCoverage request URL parameters:

WCS parameterinfo


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