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Notification service

Get notified when there's new imagery in your area

Get notifications in real-time when new imagery is available on Sentinel Hub. Search for your location, mark the point and submit. Each time when new satellite data is collected in your area of interest (AOI), we'll notify you. You can subscribe to notifications within our Configuration Utility.

Step 1: Under "Max area" option define your AOI - just draw an outline around the area you want to track, and any satellite imagery that overlaps your AOI triggers an alert to your email.

edit area


Step 2: In addition to selecting the areas to monitor you can also set set data coverage and cloud coverage criteria, e.g. to only be notified if there are less than 20% of clouds over the area. You can set individual parameters for each monitoring area you set.

edit notifications

Step 3: Any new image that overlaps your AOI triggers an alert to your email.

email notification


Step 4: View and compare new data on the Sentinel Hub.

comparison dialog

Apply here for trial account and get access to the Configuration Utility.. Full access is available by annual subscription.

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