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Organizer of the COVID-19 Custom Script Contest (hereafter: contest) is Sinergise Ltd., Cvetkova 29, Ljubljana, Slovenia (hereafter: organizer) in behalf of the Euro Data Cube.

Contest Duration

The contest takes place from April 6th 2020 until midnight of May 31st 2020 with possible continuation.

Contest Publication

The contest takes place on the website
The purpose of the contest is to collect Ideas on how satellite data could help monitor and mitigate the situation for the upcoming months, while the world will organize to get back to business and will need to adapt from this crisis.


All submitted scripts will compete under three categories:

  • change in situation of economic operators
  • change in human activity
  • change in agriculture activity

Each contribution can get one weekly, one monthly and one overall prize.


There will be several rounds of evaluation, each bringing the prizes:

  • Each end of week, the best contribution coming to that date (from start of the contest to the cut-off date) meeting quality threshold will receive a 1000 € prize.
  • Each end of month a prize of 1000 € will be awarded for each of the three main categories (change in situation of economic operators, change in human activity, change in agriculture activity).
  • The best idea overall, exploiting European Data, meeting quality threshold will receive a prize of 5000 €.

Contest Terms

Everyone who submits hers/his Idea accepts these Terms of the Contest.

The employees of organizer and connected companies and individuals that participate in the implementation of the contest, may not enter the contest.

All participants in the content are aware of and agree to the general terms and conditions of the contest, made available on the official Contest web page and existing in physical form at the organizer’s main office, Cvetkova 29, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

The Custom Script Contest makes part of the 'Rapid Action on Covid with Eo' (RACE) project, with Mr. Alessandro Scremin acting as PI. All participants will formally have co-PI status and are not authorised to use any data that have been made accessible for any other purpose. The licenses for used in these data are described in TPM Terms and conditions, CSDA ESA EULA, EULA amendment).

Participants, who will receive ESA-sponsored Euro Data Cube resources, shall include the following statement in the presentation of the results "Sponsorship received through the Network of Resources initiative of the European Space Agency".

Use of satellite imagery

Several satellite data providers have contributed their data for this contest. All participants have to accept the terms of use of these data:

  • Data can only be used for the purpose of contributing the idea for this contest and for promotion of the Contest and the Idea in the media.
  • Every time the derivative of the satellite imagery is used, it should be appropriately credited: "“Contains modified data <SATELLITE SOURCE> processed by Euro Data Cube”.
  • No commercial use is allowed.

Collected ideas' Requirements

Results should be submitted as soon as they are available but not later than May 31st 2020 (23:59 CET).

All entries must be licensed under the Creative Commons BY license and should include:

  • PowerPoint presentation with images and resulting analysis (mandatory)
  • Custom scripts/source code (desired)
  • Sample of the results (desired)
  • All results containing satellite data should be appropriately credited: “Contains modified data <SATELLITE SOURCE> processed by Euro Data Cube”

By handing in the Idea, the participant confirms to be the sole author(s) of the idea and to have the necessary rights to do so. Every single participant or group can hand in unlimited number of ideas.

Submitting Ideas

In order to submit an Idea, the participant needs a Gmail account. If she or he does not have one, a new Gmail account can be created by following instructions published here. With a Gmail account the participants could submit their script by filling in the forms available at the given link.


Evaluation will be performed by European Space Agency. Every script will be judged by:

  • Originality
  • Crisis management potential
  • Scientific relevance

At the end of each month the ESA will perform evaluation of all on-time received entries. Each next evaluation round will include the entries from the previous rounds, if those entries haven't yet received an award within the Contest.

Due to the urgency of the situation results will be evaluated as soon as they arrive, and if they meet the quality criteria, also shared with the public.

Winner’s Announcement

The winners will be announced on the official Contest web page latest on May 10th 2020 for all the entries received before April 30th 2020 (23:59 CET), and latest on June 10th 2020 for all the entries received before May 31st 2020 (23:59 CET).

If the Contest is prolonged the entries will be collected by the end of each month, and the announcement of the winners will be done latest on 10th in the next month.

Informing the Winners and Collecting the Prize

The winners shall be notified with an e-mail within 3 days after the announcement on the official Contest web page. The winners shall send an e-mail with their personal data (Name and Surname, Address, Bank Account Number, Bank Information, Tax ID Number, Personal ID Number) to the organizer within 8 days of receiving the notice from the organizer.

In case a winner(s) will not submit the requested data in the provided deadline, it shall be assumed that they do not wish to get the prize and their claim to it will thus be void. In such an event, the organizer shall be free of any obligations with regard to such winner(s). It is the decision of the organizer whether such prize(s) shall be awarded to another person(s) or not.

The organizer reserves the right to not award the prize(s) if:

  • The winner(s) fail(s) to meet the requirements to claim the prize.
  • Any doubt arises about the validity of any of the data (false profile, etc.).
  • It is determined that the user(s) participated in the contest is in violation of the terms and conditions of the contest.

By participating in the contest, the participants agree in advance and give their consent that, in case they become winners, the organizer publishes their name, surname and country on the official Contest web page.

Each winner has the right to decline the prize. In case the winner(s) decline(s) the prize, it is understood that they do not wish to get the prize, and as such, the organizer shall be free of any obligations related to the contest with regard to such winner(s). At the same time, the organizer shall claim the right to use such prize(s) for any purpose the organizer deems fit. The right to claim the prize is not transferable.

Minors as Prize Winners

If a prize winner is a minor, a parent or guardian of any participant who is a minor must sign a release on behalf of the minor to be eligible to receive a prize, but the organizer reserves the right to refuse to award a prize to or on behalf of any minor.

Registering Your Prize with the Appropriate Tax Authority

The value of the prizes is above EUR 42.00. Therefore, according to the Slovenian Personal Income Tax Act (ZDoh-2), personal income tax is deducted, and the value of the prize is included in the tax base of the recipient of the prize.

In the case that the winner is not a resident of the Republic of Slovenia, the taxation shall be subject to rules from the appropriate international treaties for the avoidance of double taxation. It is the responsibility of such a winner to take care of the taxation duties on their own.

Changing the Rules

The organizer reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of the contest at any given moment due to content-related, commercial or technical reasons.


By participating in the contest, each participant (in case of minors, a parent or guardian) gives to the organizer their individual consent to have their data used and processed by a computer software for the purposes of the contest. The participants in the prize contest also agree that the organizer keeps, maintains and supervises all the collected personal data of individuals in accordance with the law. The organizer provides protection of personal data in accordance with the law. The participant of the contest authorizes the organizer to process the collected data for the purpose of informing about the contest and for other marketing purposes.

Personal data will be shared with co-organiser, European Space Agency, which will provide protection of these in accordance with law.

Dispute Settlement

Any dispute with regard to the contest shall be submitted to the competent court in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Validity of the Rules

The Rules enter into effect on April 6th 2020.

Sinergise Ltd.



Here we will log all the changes done to Terms and Conditions of the COVID-19 Custom Script Contest in the future.

2020-04-06 - Contest terms section. - end-user licenses for commercial data were added.
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