Sentinel Hub Twitter Challenge

The Twitter Challenge took place between 10th and 24th November 2021. See the top ten winning tweets. All the winners have been notified via Twitter. Thanks to everyone for participating!

How could you take part in the Challenge?

  1. Extract an image from Sentinel Hub EO Browser (any location, any date, any collection).
  2. Embed the Sentinel Hub logo into the extracted image (if not already included in the first step).
  3. Optional post-processing: if needed, you can post-process the image to further beautify it, but it should remain recognisable.
  4. Share the image on Twitter along with the following text, “@sentinel_hub for #30DayMapChallenge”.
  5. Make sure the image gets a ton of love from the community (see judging criteria).
  6. Wait until 26th November 2021 when we announce the winners of the challenge.

Twitter Challenge Examples

Judging Criteria

Winners were determined by the number of most likes and shares (counted together) for their tweeted image. The sum of likes and shares was done on 25th November 2021 at 8:30 (UTC).

Attractive Prizes

We will award prizes to the images with the most likes and shares as follows:

First Prize

2nd to 10th Prize

11th to 100th Prize

Winners will be able to order Airbus Pleiades data. The allocated quota must be ordered before 31st December 2021 and must be used in line with the Airbus license.

Duration of the Challenge

The Challenge is taking place between 10th and 24th November 2021 which means that we are looking for tweets published between November 10th (midnight UTC) and November 24th (midnight UTC).


  • Where can I get more information about using Sentinel Hub EO Browser?

  • When and how will I be notified of the results?

    • We will announce the winners of the Challenge on this web page no later than on 26th November 2021. However, everyone will also be informed by a direct message on Twitter within 3 working days after the announcement.
  • Can I post-process the extracted image from EO Browser?

    • Yes, you can do some post-processing to beautify the image, but it should still remain recognisable. Do not forget to embed the Sentinel Hub logo if you have not already enabled this option when downloading the image.
  • Do I need to subscribe to Sentinel Hub EO Browser to extract the image?

    • No. EO Browser is a free tool that allows you to download the image with the basic settings. If you need some advanced features and want to better control the download process, you can create a free account (recommended).
  • May I use a custom script to edit the image in any way?

    • Yes. In addition to the preset visualisation options, you can also use custom visualisations (composite, index, custom scripts). For more details, see the Custom Visualization chapter on our web page.
  • Can I submit images that just look nice?

    • The main goal of this promotion is to show the beauty of our planet. So yes, your image should look attractive. After all, if you want to be one of the winners, your image should get a lot of likes and shares. The images with the most likes and shares will get a prize.
  • Where can I get more information?

    • Ask a question in our Forum or write us a direct message on Twitter.
  • Am I allowed to tweet multiple images in one tweet?

    • Yes, you can tweet more than one image in a Tweet.
  • Are time-lapses or movies OK as well?

    • Yes, you can also tweet time-lapses or movies.
  • Can I create several tweets with various images?

    • Sure, you can make as many as you like.
  • May I tweet an image, time-lapse or movie created by someone else?

    • No, you have to be the author of the tweeted content.
  • Am I allowed to use multiple Twitter accounts?

    • According to the Promotions Guidelines on Twitter, you are not allowed to use multiple Twitter accounts. Anyone using multiple Twitter accounts to enter the Challenge will be disqualified from participating.
  • Do I need an active Sentinel Hub subscription in order to use Pleiades data in case I win?

    • As stated in our Challenge Terms and Conditions, no purchase or payment of any kind is necessary to enter or win the challenge. If you win and you don’t have an active Sentinel Hub account yet, you will be asked to create a trial account which validity will be extended to 31st January 2022.

Please see the Challenge Terms and Conditions and Terms of Service for more details.

Top Ten Winning Tweets

We have notified all the winners via Twitter on November 25th, 2021. Thanks to everyone for participating!