Sentinel 5P

Sentinel Hub supports Sentinel-5P L2 imagery.

General information about this data:

Since all Sentinel-5P L2 products are not yet available, we suggest using to get a list of available and supported products within the system.

General information about the satellite and specifically Level 2 data is available here:

System specific information:

The data is hosted on the EOCloud service which differs slightly from the AWS service. You will also need to use the EOCloud configurator ( The raw data is encoded as 32bit float samples. For scientific usage it is best to select the data product you are interested and set the style to RAW (styles are no longer available on the AWS service). This will return the actual data values, however to use this the output file format must be set to 'tiff;depth=32f'.

Sentinel-5P data is flagged with quality values. Quality values range between 0 and 1. Zero being data with errors and 1 being error free data, with many values inbetween. By default, the service displays NO2 products with quality values >= 0.75 and all other products with quality values >= 0.50. These should be optimal for most users. This can be overridden using the 'MINQA' URL parameter. The values are percentage points (e.g. MINQA=75).

Sentinel-5P data can potentially contain many nodata values, these get rendered as transparent along with pixels whose quality value is less than the set minimum. We therefore suggest using transparent images to differentiate between actual zero values and nodata. Nodata will have the transparency channel set to 0. For 32bit float tiff output images with transparency enabled, valid data will have the transparency channel set to 1. To enable transparency, set the URL parameter TRANSPARENT=TRUE.