Sentinel Hub Python Package

The sentinelhub Python package allows users to make OGC (WMS and WCS) web requests to download and process satellite images within your Python scripts. It supports Sentinel-2 L1C and L2A, Sentinel-1, Landsat 8, MODIS and DEM data sources.

Check out python libraries for Sentinel Hub and read about it in the blog entry. For more information see documentation of Sentinel Hub Python packages as well.

If you are interested in cloud detection, check out the Sentinel Hub Cloud Detector for Sentinel-2 images in Python, S2cloudless.

Jupyter Notebook

Check out Jupyter Notebooks examples and read about it in the blog entry.


Check out eo-learn, a free Sentinel Hub library, that brings Python and remote sensing closer together.

Eo-learn is a collection of open source Python packages that have been developed to seamlessly access and process spatio-temporal image sequences acquired by any satellite fleet in a timely and automatic manner.

Read about it in the blog post entry and visit eo-learn documentation for more information.