Dear DragonHack participant!

Get easy access to open satellite data (Sentinel, Landsat, MODIS, etc.), use it for your DragonHack solution, and participate in our Best Earth Observation Hack challenge.

To learn more about how to use Sentinel Hub services, don't miss our "Tackling petabytes of satellite data with 6 lines of code" workshop on Saturday, May 22, 2021 at 11:40am.

In the workshop, we will present a plethora of available satellite data collections, how the data is organized, how to prepare a configuration to access the data in different ways, and how to process it with custom scripts. You will also learn about the JavaScript and Python libraries that allow you to easily process petabytes of satellite data with as little as 6 lines of code. Basic and advanced examples of accessing and manipulating data are shown in the form of a Jupyter Notebook. The examples serve as a good starting point for developing solutions of any kind, from data visualization to machine learning applications.

Here you can find both parts of our presentation:

What do you get with the Sentinel Hub Services?

  • The best open data processing service available.
  • Free access for one month to a Earth Observation rapid prototyping environment, including access to various EO open data collections.
  • Access to the web-based sandbox environment to easily and quickly create indicator-based products - Sentinel Playground and EO Browser.
  • Support team (available via the Discord platform (DragonHack server), or send us an email).

Award for the Winning Team of the "Best Earth Observation Hack"

  • One year Sentinel Hub subscription worth 5,000 € (Enterprise S package) that can help you develop your idea and who knows, maybe even create a start-up.
  • A GoPro HERO9 Black camera for each team member.

What do you actually get, since the data is free anyway?

  • Copernicus and Landsat data are indeed free (thanks to European Commission and USGS), but there are many steps required to get value from these data - downloading, processing, storage, distribution. All of this takes time and requires IT resources that add cost.
  • Sentinel Hub provides seamless and instant access to this data with most common processing steps (band math, clipping, mosaicking, time-series analysis, etc.) in a way that can be integrated with third party applications.
  • A 30-day trial allows you to get familiar with the service, configure your workflow, share it as an API, and integrate with a third party application.
  • The prize, a 1-year subscription, makes it possible to consolidate the prototype, offer it to potential customers and generate revenue! The ideal way to build a startup based on your hackathon idea.

How to get access to the service?

Create a 30-day trial account at the following address. It's free.

Email us if you've had a trial account at Sentinel Hub in the past and you'd like to create a new account with the same email address. We will create a new trial account for you (or renew the existing one) for the DragonHack purpose.

First Steps to Work With the Service


Watch our webinars for more information on different topics, such as Sentinel Hub Process API, OGC API with QGIS Integration, Custom Scripts, Multi-Temporal Scripts and Data Fusion, eo-learn basics and more.

All our webinars are available on the Sentinel Hub YouTube channel.

Video Tutorials

You can find more videos here.

What Kind of Apps can be Developed with Sentinel Data?

We also recommend reading Why is Sentinel Hub Perfect for Earth Observation Hackathons blog post. To learn more about ideas and solutions submitted to our "Best Earth Observation Hack" challenge last year, see also our short recap of DragonHack 2020.