Special Space Apps challenge data by NASA, ESA and JAXA available. Find more information here.

What do we offer:

  • The best open data processing service out there
  • Free access for one month to an Earth Observation rapid prototyping environment, including access to various EO open data collections.
  • Access to web-based sandbox environment to easily and rapidly build indicator-based products - Sentinel Playground and EO Browser
  • Support
  • One year Sentinel Hub subscription for the winning team.

What do I actually get, since the data is anyway free?

  • Copernicus and Landsat data are indeed free (thanks to EC and USGS) but there are many steps needed to get value from these data - download, processing, storage, distribution. All these takes time and requires IT resources, both cost.
  • Sentinel Hub provides seamless and immediate access to these data with most common processing steps applied (band math, clipping, mosaicking, time-series analsyis, etc.) in a way to be integrated in 3rd party applications.
  • 30 day trial makes it possible to get familiar with the service, configure your workflow, expose it as API and integrate it in 3rd party application.
  • The prize, 1 year subscription, makes it possible to consolidate the prototype, offer it to your customers and earn revenue! Ideal way to build the startup.

How to get access to the service?

  • Create a 30-days trial account at the following address. It's free.
  • If you need more resources or your account already expired, Contact us and we will arrange it.

First steps to work with the service:

Video tutorials:

You can find more videos here.