Sentinel Hub applications and utilities

WMS Configurator

Configuration Utility Video

Use our dashboard configuration utility to create your own layer configurations to be either displayed in EO Browser and Sentinel Playground or integrated into your application using OGC services.

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EO Browser

EO Browser Video

A powerful tool for viewing satellite imagery. Browse through the archives of our collections, visualize the results as you like, download full resolution images and create timelapses.

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Drought monitoring

BlueDot Observatory

A global, open source archive of water bodies (lakes, dams, reservoirs, wetlands and similar) around the world, monitoring water levels for disaster prevention and climate change mitigation.

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Sentinel Playground

Sentinel Playground Video

A free to use web application that allows for rapid online viewing and access to the Sentinel-2, Sentinel-1, Landsat 8, DEM and MODIS image archives, along with the selected EO data products. Visualize data as you like and explore the world.

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