EO Browser makes it possible to browse and compare full resolution images from all the data sources we provide. You simply go to your area of interest, select your desired time range and cloud coverage, and inspect the resulting data in the browser. Try out different visualizations or make your own, download high resolution images and create timelapses.

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Sentinel Hub services are providing long-term analysis in an efficient way. We keep EO Browser, our showcase of Sentinel Hub functionality free to use, to make these features available to just about anyone. Some of the most exciting new EO Browser features are collected in our Medium blog post from March, 2020.

Explore EO Data

EO Browser allows you to visualize satellite data from numerous satellites and data sources instantly. To make it even more exciting, we have prepared a special education mode of EO Browser, where you can explore 12 unique themes, with the selected locations of interest and chosen visualizations. This EO content is perfect for students and teachers or anyone interested to explore satllite data.

Custom Visualization

Satelite imagery in EO Browser can be visualized based on user's desired configuration. There are already several visualizations with legends and descriptions prepared for you, such as true color, false color, NDVI, EVI, etc.

By choosing Custom it is possible to choose any combination of bands as well as make operations between pixel values. Our custom script functionality is a powerful tool for visualizing satellite data. You could for example calculate the snow index and display only the pixels you calculated to be snow as blue, and return all the remaining pixels in natural color. Custom scripts also support multitemporal scripting and datafusion. Additionally, you can modify your image by editing the contrast (gain) and luminance (gamma).

To make your own visualizations, visit our custom scripts documentation.

Pins and Image Comparison

EO Browser makes it possible for you to save your preffered locations, and allows you to share them with others. If you would like to compare satellite imagery of an area on different dates or from different datasets, you can do that by saving your scenes as pins and comparing them with sliders.

The process in the background takes care of the selection of appropriate scenes, download and processing of data, as well as mosaic creation. The comparison below displays the striking Aral sea water level reduction from 2005 (ENVISAT) to 2019 (Sentinel-2).


Time lapse functionality makes it possible for you to create gifs of changes through time. To make a timelapse, go to your area of interest, select your preffered datasource (e.g. Sentinel-2) and visualization setting (e.g. NDVI). Then click on the Create timelapse animation button on the right, where you can choose your time range and select your preffered data frequency. EO Browser will find all the available scenes for the area and present them as “frames”.

You can then preview the time-lapse in the right part of the window. Note that the cloud coverage condition is applied on the full scene level (e.g. 100km x 100km), so there might still be some frames with too many clouds.  Just uncheck anomalous frames on the left. Note also that timelapse functionality supports only 300 images at once, so if you need a longer time-frame, select for example a monthly data option.

Statistical Analysis

Outline the area and select the statistical info chart (buttons on the top right). Note that this works only for layers with one output component (e.g. indices, single band products, etc.).

Because of the clouds which get in the way and which distort the NDVI significantly (cloud NDVI values are low) - growth curve is not as orderly as one would have hoped for. Therefore, we have added a simple local area cloud detection algorithm based on the Braaten-Cohen-Yang method (this can be replaced with the L2A scene classification data or some other algorithm) and the result is much nicer. You can also check the numerical values of each point.

Custom Configurations

In EO Browser, you can display and explore your own configurations with your custom visualization layers, which you can create using our Sentinel Hub Dashboard.


  • Non-commercial use and media: The use of EO Browser application is free of charge for non-commercial use and any use in media.
  • CC BY 4.0 license: Data exported from EO Browser can be used under CC BY 4.0 license. Please mention Sentinel Hub EO Browser along with the relevant data set in the credits.

Subscribers of Sentinel Hub services can use the license based on the subscription package when it suits them.
In addition to the above the standard terms and licenses of specific dataset (e.g. Landsat, Copernicus, etc.) apply. See "Dataset specific terms and conditions" section in Sentinel Hub Terms of Service.

Contact us if special license is required.

Note that timelapse, high resolution image download, pin saving and distance measurments are only available if logged in. The registration is completely free.

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