Landsat Data successfully integrated into Sentinel Hub

The latest integration of archive and up-to-date data from the US Landsat satellites has successfully enriched Sentinel Hub for the satellite imagery from Landsat 5, 7 and 8. You can now access the high-quality data of Europe's land surfaces all the way back to 1984. Read more

For easy access use our newest tool - EO Browser - which combines a complete archive of Sentinel-2, ESA’s archive of Landsat 5, 7, 8, and Proba-V products in one place. The project was completed in cooperation with European Space Agency (ESA).

Contact us for a trial account and get access to Landsat and Sentinel data or try it yourself.

The Sentinel-2 Mosaic Generator Winter Release

It was never easier to download Sentinel images.

The Mosaic Generator provides easy way to download Sentinel-2 products, which you can import into your favourite GIS tool for offline use. You simply define your area of interest, configure the visualization parameters that are used to display Sentinel-2 imagery and download the data for off-line use. We have gathered feedback from many existing users and added new features to make it even more useful.

Beside easier configuration you can now import KML and export the exact area of your choice, fine-tune rendering option parameters and different export formats (GeoTiff, JP2, etc.). You can even select more layers for final image generation. Get more details here...

Next mission - Automated detection of land changes

Sentinel Hub services are being used to observe and analyze Earth’s surface in various ways. For many of them it is required to find and evaluate changes between images of the same area taken in a different time periods. However the amount of imagery on Sentinel Hub available for users is massive. Looking for changes by hand can be time consuming and inaccurate. Therefore we are developing tools for automated detection of changes. Read more


Planning UAV Flights with Sentinel-2 Data

Satellite imagery is one of the basic components for planning UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) flights. Therefore it is no surprise that Sentinel-2 data is increasingly considered as a reliable source for more accurate planning in areas, where up-to-date data are required. MAVinci GmbH is the first using Sentinel Hub for planning their UAV flights. Read more


How fast is Sentinel-Hub?

Among the outstanding features of Sentinel-Hub is without doubt its speed. For each request you make, we have to analyze a dataset consisting several hundred trillion pixels, which takes some time. Most of the requests are handled in a couple of seconds. Read more

Secure option to use the services

Some of our clients asked us to support HTTPS protocol as well, due to security concerns. This has been pushed to everybody and you can either use HTTP or HTTPS to access Sentinel Hub services.