Hi there!
These last few weeks were very productive here at Sinergise. There are several new features within the Sentinel Hub services waiting for you to try them out.

Sentinel-1 SAR data - Beta Release
We are happy to announce that Sentinel-1 data is successfully integrated into Sentinel Hub. You can now explore the Sentinel-1 SAR data on EO Browser and also through our Sentinel Hub services. More available here!

Orthorectificated image visualised in EO Browser (Lake Garda, acquired on July 3, 2017)

Sentinel-2 L2A products available on Sentinel Hub
An often stated request by our users was to add Level-2A atmospherically corrected Sentinel-2 data. These are now available within our services as well, covering wider Europe region.  Read more...
For those interested in L2A data outside of Europe, we can accommodate their request as well (additional charges may apply).

Natural park Alcornocales, Spain, acquired with EO Browser on June 21, 2017

Digital Elevation Model - DEM
We see the world in a three-dimensional way, and traditional satellite imagery in 2D only shows part of the picture. To bring these images closer to the reality, we have integrated a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) into the Sentinel Hub services. Continue reading...

Landsat tweaks - panchromatic and thermal bands
You can now double the resolution of your Landsat image by choosing a panchromatic band and get the information about the temperature (in Kelvin) by selecting a thermal band. Read our latest blog and explore the new features in EO Browser.

Pan-sharpened image viewed in EO Browser, Landsat 8 (Memphis, TN, United States, acquired on June 27, 2017)

Open-source Python package for downloading Sentinel-2 products from AWS
We have created an open-source Python package Sentinel Hub Tools with an intention to help users obtain required satellite products in a flexible and fast way. Click here for more!

The package is available at Sinergise site on GitHub together with the instructions and examples.

Sentinel-2B data included in Sentinel Hub
Last week ESA started to distribute Sentinel-2B acquisitions and we immediately took action to support them in Sentinel Hub as well. It is now possible to get twice as much data for a period starting on 28th of June 2017.

Sentinels for Common Agriculture Policy - SEN4CAP
Sinergise will work together with UCL, C-S Romania, E-Geos and Gisat to explore best practices on how open earth observation data can help Paying Agencies across the European Union manage agriculture policies, subsidies and rural development monitoring.
A project funded by ESA in cooperation with DG Grow and DG Agri will take two years and, we are certain about that, deliver most interesting results.