Dear Sentinel Hub User,

we would like to point you to an update to Sentinel Hub services, which is planned to be rolled out tomorrow morning. As the update directly impacts APIs and, in rare cases your integration, we would like you to pay attention to the following announcements:

Don’t panic, nothing will crash over night.

The release will follow these steps:

  1. The new service end-point (*) will be released tomorrow (November 24, 2017) morning, CET.
  2. New configuration utility will be released, being simpler to use, and tailored for configuration of the newly released services.
  3. Old configurations will be migrated to the new system. It will not be possible to change configurations in the old system anymore. All further changes will need to be done on the new system.
  4. Old services, using existing configurations, will continue running without any changes for a period of one month. This should give all our users enough time to make the necessary transition.
  5. After the one month, just before Christmas, we will discontinue the old version (*) and automatically forward all requests from the old end-point to the new services. Unless API changes affect our users’ integration, they can actually avoid doing anything as it will auto-magically work. Nevertheless, we strongly advise to move to the new services as soon as possible.

Check details in the announcements above.

Best Regards,
Sentinel Hub team