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it has been a good start of the year and we continue delivering more new features. We hope you will like them. Your feedback is most appreciated, so please use our new official Sentinel Hub forum or meet us in person at upcoming events.

Python Package Upgrade

With the new release of the sentinelhub Python package, we’ve open-sourced many of our internal tools. The new version allows users to easily make requests to Sentinel-Hub OGC web services, download and process images within their Python scripts.


Sentinel-1 data Available on AWS and Through Sentinel Hub

Sentinel-1 data is now available as an Open Public Dataset at AWS. Although it is not new to Sentinel Hub, the fast AWS architecture and cloud optimized GeoTIFFs allow for faster response times compared to the previous service that was running on a different platform with original, non-cloud-optimized files.

Sentinel Hub Cloud Detector

We have released another Python tool – s2cloudless – which provides automated cloud detection for Sentinel-2 imagery. The classifier is described in more detail in our blog about improving cloud detection with machine learning. The package contains the classification model and some helper classes to get you going.

20440c99-e00d-11e7-a98f-06b2d989fe84%2F1518518133875-cloudmask.jpgSentinel-2 image from 2017–12–15 via Sentinel Hub with a cloud mask produced using the Sentinel Hub Cloud Detector at three different zoom levels.

Try Out the Official Sentinel Hub Forum!

In order to help Sentinel Hub users with various problems and to help spread Earth observation knowledge in the community, we have established the Sentinel Hub Forum. You are welcome to ask questions, report bugs or give feedback, and we will be happy to assist. After all, the best features come from your suggestions.


EO Browser Updates

Open EO Browser, sit back and enjoy browsing the satellite imagery! Based on popular demand we’ve added the ability to download multiple layers and upload your area of interest. While searching for the particular image, you can find the right one more easily by improved date selection.
Read more about EO Browser updates here!


New Features of Sentinel Hub

  • More Level 2A data is gradually becoming available due to inclusion of Sentinel-2B.
  • Beside different image formats you can now retrieve the output image in vector formats as well. More information is available on our forum and on our web page.
  • Get scene classification information produced by Sen2Cor where Level 2A data is available. Read more! 

Meet Us in March

Don’t miss the chance to meet us at the following events in March. We are happy to discuss your needs, so please feel free to send us an email to [email protected] and ensure yourself a meeting at the events.

6-7 March 2018   What on Earth Colloquium in Wellington, New Zealand

14-16 March 2018  Globe Series in Vancouver, Canada

Update of the APIs

We once more call your attention to the recent updates of the APIs and the following resources. The update directly impacts APIs and, in rare cases, your integration:   

Sentinel Hub Success Stories

  • Copernicus program is putting a lot of effort into making the data more accessible, which lead to establishment of “Data and Information Access Services (DIAS)” project, where we take part in 3 out of 4 awarded consortia. We are hoping this will lead to new data sets becoming available through our platform soon, so stay tuned!
  • We are supporting the LandSense Innovation Challenge to present innovative IT solutions in addressing one of the three LandSense domains: Urban Landscape Dynamics, Agricultural Land Use, and Forest & Habitat Monitoring. The focus of this challenge is on using EO data streams to design novel Land Use / Land Cover solutions. The call details can be found here.

There are quite a few applications around the world in precision farming, security, land administration and environment monitoring, all powered by our services. In this issue, let’s mention a few:

  • A South-African company Aerobotics offers on-demand satellite analytics and farming tools based on Sentinel Hub services.
  • Global Forest Watch uses Sentinel Hub’s imagery to monitor forests. Among other uses, their application helps discovering illegal deforestation, illegal mining and logging in protected areas.

Please do not hesitate to send us any feedback. We look forward to hearing from you.

The Sentinel Hub team