Serving more than hundred million requests in March, Sentinel Hub has reached an important milestone. Thanks to you we are even more motivated to continue improving the services. Share your suggestions with us on the Sentinel Hub Forum or in person at the upcoming events listed below.


Meet us at LPS19

Join our presentations and Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contest award ceremony!

Most of our Sentinel Hub team is in Milan this week, May 14-17. We kindly invite you to our oral and poster presentations (see image below for details). If you miss those, you might find us at CreoDIAS’ booth (S29), demonstrating EO Browser, eo-learn and similar. Come by!

The winners of the Sentinel Hub Custom Script contest will be announced at the Award Ceremony on Wednesday, May 15.

Visit also ESA corner with LPS School Lab where one of the activities will be based on EO Browser. The Lab will be held every day 9:30-13:00 and on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon 14:00-17:30.

20440c99-e00d-11e7-a98f-06b2d989fe84%2F1557741683172-LPS19+Newsletter+small.jpgFor more details about our activities at the LPS19 click here


Air Pollution Measured by Sentinel-5P

Air pollution is a global problem resulting in more than 4.2 million premature deaths each year. It is addressed by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). On the way to achieving them, satellite data is playing an important role. To learn more about monitoring and measuring air pollution from space we invite you to read our latest blog post and visit the Sentinel Hub Education page.

The page provides useful links and tools addressing different EO subjects. We plan to expand our collection of use cases (wildfires, volcanoes, air pollution) with more entries such as flooding, deforestation, agriculture monitoring, ice melting, landslides, urban growth, etc. Stay tuned!

20440c99-e00d-11e7-a98f-06b2d989fe84%2F1557490020176-Sentinel-5P+source+in+EO+Browser.jpgNO₂ levels over China and South Korea as seen with Sentinel-5P on May 9, 2019 (the link to EO Browser).


New Projects


Data Cube Facility Service 2018-2020

The Data Cube Facility Service project has officially started. It is an evolution of the Sentinel Hub service, presenting a challenging task in many respects: enormous volume of data coming from various data sources and users exploiting these data in various ways. We are looking forward to a close cooperation with our consortium partners Brockmann Consult, EOX IT Services, GISAT, and Planet Labs.


Sentinel Hub Integrated within UP42

Airbus launched a space tech startup democratizing access to geospatial data

We are excited to be part of the UP42, an open platform and marketplace dedicated to helping developers and startups build, run, and scale geospatial products. The platform is a subsidiary of Airbus Defence and Space. With its unique offering, including the Sentinel Hub services, it will open up access to geospatial data, imagery, and processing algorithms. Read more in press release.


eo-learn at GeoPython Conference and NoRSC'19

eo-learn, a collection of open source Python packages will be presented at the GeoPython Conference in Switzerland on June 24 and Nordic Remote Sensing Conference 2019 (NoRSC’19) in Denmark on September 17, 2019. Our workshop, Bridging EO data and Machine Learning in Python, will be presented at both conferences. Attendees will learn first-hand how to leverage eo-learn to obtain meaningful information from satellite data with just a few lines of Python.

At the GeoPython Conference join our talk on June 25: How to structure EO data for ML workflows.

20440c99-e00d-11e7-a98f-06b2d989fe84%2F1557679611090-Untitled.jpegA temporal stack of Sentinel-2 images of a small area in Slovenia, followed by a land cover prediction, obtained via methods presented in one of our posts.


Sentinel Hub crosses 100M requests per month

An important milestone has been reached in March 2019 - Sentinel Hub has processed more than 135 million requests in a month. To celebrate this event, ESA has published a blog post on their EO Science for Society page. We are most happy to see this recognition of our impact to the science and to the society. And looking forward to the next milestone...

20440c99-e00d-11e7-a98f-06b2d989fe84%2F1557680085341-100M+requests+mark.pngDaily number of requests processed by Sentinel Hub

ESA's blog post


Coming Events

To meet us in person and discuss your needs, send us an email to [email protected] and schedule a meeting with us at the following events:

May 13-17
May 18-19
DragonHack 2019, Ljubljana, Slovenia
June 13-14
June 18-19
Engage 2019, Barcelona, Spain
June 20-21
OGC API Hackathon, London, UK
June 24-26
GeoPython Conference, Basel/Muttenz, Switzerland
July 16-19
2019 ESIP Summer Meeting, Tacoma, Washington, USA
September 9-13
ESA Φ-week, Frascati, Italy
September 17-19
September 24-27