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Let us share with you all the positive vibes that have contributed to the recent Sentinel Hub updates. Sit back, relax, and scroll down to learn more about our new partnership with Planet, Subscriptions and Batch Statistical APIs, EO Browser and EDC updates, newly available data, and more. Be sure to register for our Statistical API webinar this Wednesday and Planet Fusion webinar on February 17.


Partnership with Planet for Planet Fusion in Area Monitoring

We are working with Planet to provide our customers and partners with the ultimate data mix for our Area Monitoring solutions (Sentinel and Planet Fusion). We used it to address Common Agriculture Policy in Slovenia last year and the results are impressive. To learn more, read our blog post and make sure to join our Webinar with Planet on February 17.

c9246288-4f4c-11e9-a3c9-06b79b628af2%2F1643965000780-AM-Planet+copy.jpgNDVI data over North-East Slovenia

If you are curious about the technical details of this integration, also read our blog post The Challenge of Small Parcels to learn exactly how Area Monitoring benefits from Planet Fusion and how this data compares to Sentinel-2.


New APIs - Batch Statistical API and Subscriptions API

We are happy to announce two brand new APIs:

  • Batch Statistical API - A perfect option for those developing machine learning models with object-level time-series data, e.g. for crop classification, mowing or ploughing detection and the like. Define the processing script in a simple way, provide a geopackage with polygon boundaries, and run it. Even for hundreds of thousands or millions of parcels. Read more here.
  • Subscriptions API - A great tool in combination with the PlanetScope's Hectare under management model. One request to register your area of interest, and we provide both archive data and ensure that new observations are immediately available. So you can be sure that the latest data is always available to your users. Read more here.


Seamless Access to Commercial Data

Many of our users would like to have access to better resolution imagery - preferably on a daily basis - and there are more and more commercial data providers promising just that. In practice, however, it's never that simple... Read our thoughts on what it takes for commercial data to be used in a systematic manner.

c9246288-4f4c-11e9-a3c9-06b79b628af2%2F1643117635705-Commercial-Datasets.jpgArecibo Observatory radio telescope being dismantled, processed by kosmi (credit CNES/Airbus Space — Pleiades in November 2021)


Timelapse Update in EO Browser

Multiple collections, custom AOI, higher resolutions, and crossfade

Our latest timelapse update in EO Browser brings many new features and optimizations, such as adding multiple visualisation layers to a single animation, finer control over AOI and image filtering, higher output resolutions, and a fade effect between images. Read all about it in our blog post and follow us on Twitter. We expect to see a flood of awesome timelapses posted by EO Browser users in the coming days. 🙂

c9246288-4f4c-11e9-a3c9-06b79b628af2%2F1643812518043-S2L2A-985729920583585-timelapse.gifCrop Fields NE of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates — Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data [2020]


Sentinel-1 CARD4L Data Analysis Published

The Sentinel-1 CARD4L data are processed at an analysis-ready level and accompanied by standardised metadata. Our processing chain was used to establish the archive for Digital Earth Africa, available for free on the Digital Earth Africa map and also accessible on CREODIAS. The data are available as of early 2018 and are continuously updated to include the latest scenes. If you need CARD4L data with different settings or at other locations, you can order it through the CARD4L tool.

For more information on analysis-ready Sentinel-1 data, see this paper we co-authored.

c9246288-4f4c-11e9-a3c9-06b79b628af2%2F1643377514061-2022-01-24-00+00_2022-01-24-23+59_Sentinel-1_AWS-IW-VVVH_RGB_radiometric_terrain_corrected.jpgCairo, Egypt - Contains modified Copernicus Sentinel data [2022]


Sentinel-2 Processing Baseline Changes and HarmonizeValues

The European Space Agency updated the Sentinel-2 processing baseline on January 25. One breaking change is the definition of digital numbers (DN) in the source files. To ensure that this does not affect Sentinel Hub users, we automatically harmonize the new data by default for all requests so that the data before and after the change remain compatible. If you, however, want to use the original reflectance values or access the actual, non-harmonized digital numbers, you can disable harmonization with the new harmonizeValues parameter. More details can be found here.


Euro Data Cube Update

Gain Insights on Demand with EDC

c9246288-4f4c-11e9-a3c9-06b79b628af2%2F1624350990955-EDC_symbol_blue.pngRead our latest blog post to learn about EDC Browser and how you can use it to access data on demand. You can choose between several Earth Observation algorithms, and run each one with just a few clicks, tailored to your needs.

We are cooperating with a few additional algorithm owners, so be sure to look out for new offerings in the coming months. If you are interested in onboarding your own algorithm, check for the upcoming second BYOA blog post, that will focus on how to integrate your own algorithms into the EDC ecosystem and share them with users and customers.

In the meantime, if you're working on, or already have an algorithm right now, that you wish to onboard onto the EDC platform, we would love to hear from you, no matter what stage of development you are at. So, get in touch with us via a bot on the EDC website!


Sentinel Hub Webinar: Statistical API

Register for our live webinar!

Attend our next webinar - Statistical API - to learn how to use this powerful tool to analyze your data, calculate aggregated statistics, create histograms, exclude water pixels, and much more!

The webinar will take place on February 9, 2022 at 14:00 CET (13:00 UTC). Reserve your spot!


Also check out the recordings of our previous webinars on EO Browser, OGC API with QGIS Integration, Sentinel Hub Process API, Commercial Data in Sentinel Hub, Custom Scripts, Multi-Temporal Scripts and Data Fusion, Batch Processing API, Bring Your Own Data and more. Visit our Youtube Webinar Channel!


Upcoming Events

Mark your calendars for our presentations at the following events:

February 9
February 9
Earth Observation services in support of agriculture and Common Agricultural Policy, a clustering event (details and registration)
February 17
Planet Fusion for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), webinar (details and registration)
February 24
March 3
Automated agricultural field delineation tool, webinar (details and registration)
March 24
Query Planet: AI for EO at scale - Introduction, webinar (more information soon here)
April 7
Query Planet: AI for EO at scale - Building an application, webinar (more information soon here)


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