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Discover the EO Browser updates that make this powerful web app for searching, analysing and downloading satellite data available to more people than ever before. Learn more about Sentinel Hub from our CEO in his interview for the MapScaping Podcast. Take advantage of the final days of our Climate Change Custom Script Contest and submit your scripts and stories. Get important updates on some of our projects and don't miss our presentations at upcoming events.


EO Browser - Summer Updates

A year has passed since our 2021 Summer Update and it's time to update you on all the novelties EO Browser has to offer since then. Explore petabytes of new data in six additional languages, enjoy improved timelapse and 3D functionality, advanced Sentinel-1 options, an enhanced Evalscript Editor and more. Beside searching, ordering and visualising commercial high-resolution data directly in EO Browser, you can now subscribe to PlanetScope data - get access to archive data and ensure that new observations are instantly available and added to your collection. To learn more about the other updates, read our blog post or simply explore and test them yourself in EO Browser.

c9246288-4f4c-11e9-a3c9-06b79b628af2%2F1661779378624-EOBblogpost.jpgAmalia glacier with a Copernicus Sentinel-2 true color image overlayed with a semi-transparent ASTER GDEM visualization


Sentinel-1B Mission Ended

Sentinel-1C to be launched in the second quarter of 2023

The European Space Agency (ESA) announced in early August that the mission of the Sentinel-1B satellite has officially ended. ESA plans to launch Sentinel-1C in the second quarter of 2023, with the subsequent calibration process required after launch typically taking 3-6 months. Since the failure of Sentinel-1B on December 23, and until Sentinel-1C becomes operational, only data from Sentinel-1A is available, which means that the cadence is longer and some areas aren't covered at all. If everything goes as planned, we can expect the new data from Sentinel-1C before the end of 2023.

c9246288-4f4c-11e9-a3c9-06b79b628af2%2F1662127990806-Sentinel-1.pngUncompahgre Plateau and Grand Valley, Colorado, USA (Copernicus Sentinel-1 data, acquired on 21 August 2022)


Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contest

Participate in the special edition - Climate Change

Start wrapping up your awesome scripts and stories. The deadline to submit them to our Custom Script contest is 11th September. You can hand in up to three different scripts which run in Sentinel Hub EO Browser and/or write a story focused on how to communicate climate change using EO data.


This edition of the Sentinel Hub Custom Script Contest is organized in partnership with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the World Meteorological Organization. The goal of this activity is to demonstrate the power of EO data in detecting the effects of climate change. See our official contest page for details!


Sentinel Hub openEO Backend Developed

openEO Platform project update

c9246288-4f4c-11e9-a3c9-06b79b628af2%2F1637756198869-openEO-logo.pngIn April we announced the addition of another backend to the platform federation, and we are happy to inform you that our Sentinel Hub openEO backend is now publicly available (in beta). You can test it from within the platform or connect to it directly (see our forum post for more information on the endpoints).

In addition to developing the new feature and enhancing existing functionality on the platform itself, we are expanding the knowledge about openEO within the community through trainings (e.g., during the UN/Austria Symposium or the Trans-Atlantic Training this week in Prague).



Sentinel Hub Through the Eyes of One of Its Co-Creators

An interview with our CEO, Grega Milčinski

Find out everything you need to know about Sentinel Hub's services and beyond. In the interview you'll learn more about the architecture of Sentinel Hub, what you can do with this cloud API for satellite imagery, how it differs from other services and more generally about the EO industry itself, where it's today and where it might be in the future. The interview was brought to you by the MapScaping Podcast and its host Daniel O’Donohue.



Asynchronous Process API Update

In Beta

As announced in our previous newsletter, we are developing an asynchronous equivalent to the Process API, intended for larger requests where you don't need the results immediately. It will work similarly to the Process API, with the following differences:

  • Limitations on resolution, output raster dimensions, and time interval of input data will be relaxed.
  • One specifies the object storage the results should be stored in when the request is submitted.
  • Later, a notification mechanism will be added to inform you when processing is complete. Until then, you can query the API for the status of your request(s).

The new service is scheduled for release at the end of the year, but select customers are able to test it already. If you are interested, let us know.


Euro Data Cube Update

c9246288-4f4c-11e9-a3c9-06b79b628af2%2F1624350990955-EDC_symbol_blue.pngEDC now offers a field delineation algorithm (an automatic delineation of agricultural boundaries) that you can order on demand! The machine learning algorithm was trained between March and August at several locations in Europe. You can order the processing anywhere on Earth for any time range for which Sentinel-2 imagery is available. Learn more about the algorithm in the EDC here. Read also our blog post and watch the webinar.

c9246288-4f4c-11e9-a3c9-06b79b628af2%2F1662127917485-FieldDelineation.pngAutomatic Parcel Boundary Detection and Delineation results for Lithuania.


Upcoming Events

We hope to see you in person soon. Mark your calendars for our presentations at the following events:

September 5-9
Trans-Atlantic Training, Prague, Czech Republic
September 6-8
UK National Earth Observation Conference 2022, National Space Centre, Leicester, UK
September 12-14
26th MARS Conference, Barcelona, Spain (see more about our activities here)
September 20-22
October 3-6
EU Space Week 2022, Prague, Czech Republic
October 18-20
Earth Observation Products for Wildfires Monitoring and Forecast, Lisbon, Portugal (hybrid workshop, recordings will be made available)
October 24-27
Pecora 22, Denver, Colorado
November 28 - December 2
AWS Re:Invent, Las Vegas, Nevada (register here)


Feel free to send us your feedback via the Forum or social media. We look forward to hearing from you.