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Sentinel Hub plans let you access all open datasets and full imagery archive.

Non-commercial use
Commercial use
App Developers
Price  20 € / month
(billed monthly, VAT included)
16.6 € / month
(billed as 199 € / year, VAT included)
99 € / month
(billed monthly, without VAT)
83.3 € / month
(billed as 999 € / year, without VAT)
from 500 € / month
(Contact us)
Download analytical data with EO Browser        
OGC standard WMS / WCS / WMTS / WFS        
API for advanced features        
Configuration utility tool        
Requests per minute   20 20 100 .. 
Non-commercial use        
Commercial use        
Number of users 1 1 1
Web and mobile applications        
Machine-to-machine services        
Priority e-mail support        
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Free research accounts available
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Revenue sharing option available

Additional options

  • Discounted department packages for research organisations
  • Additional data sources
  • On-premise installation
  • Dedicated resources
  • Enterprise SLA and support

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Frequently asked questions

We do no charge anything automatically, nor do we extend a subscription period automatically. Few weeks before the end of subscription period users will be notified about incoming event and asked, whether they would like to extend the subscription. In case users decide for an extension, they will be asked for additional payment. In the opposite case, account will be frozen for one month period and deleted afterwards.

If you decide for extending the subcription, there is also a PayPal subscription possibility:

This gives you an option to set-up automatically recurrent payment by PayPal, which you can cancel at any time.

Our subscription plans are described here:

The difference between consumer / research and commercial plan is in the purpose of the usage of our services. If you are using the Sentinel Hub services for research purposes or for yourself, consumer / research option is the right one. If you are using it within your company, you should use commercial option.

There is no difference in functionality or data between trial account and subscription account. With the trial account we like to give all users the opportunity to test the Sentinel Hub services at its fullest.

The Sentinel Hub trial account is not allowed for commercial use.

A request stands for a tile of 512*512 px, which is a recommended option for integration in web application due to best performance/size ratio.
200.000 requests per month limit therefore means that you can retrieve 200.000 tiles of 512*512px per month from our service. If you ask for smaller tiles, e.g. 256*256px, the volume of requests is proportionally larger. Similarly, if you ask for large tiles (e.g. 2000*2000 px), it is smaller. 

A PayPal subscription possibility can be found here:

This gives you an option to set-up automatically recurrent payment by PayPal, which you can cancel at any time.

Generally we advise to subscribe for annual package as it comes with a discount.

Individual subscription is meant for one, named user. She or he can use it at any device but this account cannot be shared amongst different users.